Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist Joins Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

After Charlie Crist’s stint as Florida’s Governor, he is now a member of the Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.

Crist considers it a privilege to be working with John Morgan where he believes he would be able to continue fighting for people, being the public servant that he was.  He will be focusing on mass action lawsuits as he deals with being a trial lawyer in Florida.

After several offers and other options presented to him by South Florida and Washington D.C., Crist felt that fighting alongside Morgan was a natural choice for him.

Based in St. Petersburg, apart from being with Morgan and Morgan, he will also be working with the School of Law at Stetson University.

Charlie Crist Goes Back to Law

Although his political career has ended, and he has returned to the private sector, Morgan believes that Crist may still go back to politics in the future.  This conclusion may have rooted from the fact that he spent most of his career in politics rather than practicing in the legal arena. He was first elected as the education commissioner by the Florida State Senate, attorney general before becoming governor.

Although speculations are floating around regarding his intention to run for office in 2012, Crist claims that he has not as yet thought about the matter and would like to focus on his legal career.

About Morgan & Morgan and Charlie Crist

The firm Morgan & Morgan started in 1988 as an office housing three attorneys, eventually growing into the one of the biggest southeast law firms composed of 13 offices and more than 170 lawyers onboard, excluding regular staff of about 500 heads.

Charlie Crist began his political career in 2000 serving as the Florida Education Commissioner until  2003, and Attorney General from 2003 until 2007 before becoming Governor until 2011.  Crist furthers that, “Having had the privilege of being Attorney General and working ‘for people, against the powerful,’ as John [Morgan] would say, I think is certainly going to bode well for the future.”