Cloud Based Law Practice Management Comes of Age

DeskTop Business Solutions offers a fully integrated, cloud-based, law practice management application called LAWS/Pro that increases billable hours, streamlines your practice, and saves time and money. It’s designed specifically for small practices wanting to provide billable services rather than managing computer systems. “Cloud” refers to applications running directly from the internet and accessed through popular browsers. Firms utilizing cloud computing not only have access to high quality software, but significantly decrease their overall costs and virtually eliminate internal IT concerns pertaining to loading software, managing updates, or backing up data.

Most users already utilize cloud computing to one extent or another such as by checking the local weather, browsing headlines, or using a search engine. These are non-secure “cloud” applications, void of personal information and available to anybody.

Secure cloud computing sites reference personal information and require the use of a user ID and password for access. Typical sites include web-based email, on-line banking, investment services, legal research, and social networking. Sites referencing personal or sensitive information use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which encrypts all transmissions between your browser and the “cloud”.

DeskTop Business extends cloud computing into law practice management through LAWS/Pro; a secure, full feature, completely integrated, cloud-based, calendar, time, billing, and accounting system. There is no need to purchase or install software on your local computer. Subscribers simply log onto a website, with secure identification, and utilize the application. Cloud computing is machine independent, allowing users to access their data from any computer from anyplace – office, home, court, clients office, or anywhere else with internet access.

Cloud computing eliminates upfront software costs. More significant is the time and cost savings associated with the elimination of software installation, routine maintenance, and regular backup. Enhancements to LAWS/Pro are implemented directly by DeskTop Business and immediately available to the subscriber by simply logging on.

In a typical solo practitioner firm, all software applications, documents, email, work in process, and accounting data are usually stored on a single computer. In many cases backup may be performed sporadically or not at all. If a calamity occurs without a complete backup, a practice could be left with nothing, and very possibly be forced out of business. LAWS/Pro data, within the “cloud”, is stored in highly secure hosting facilities managed by IT professionals. Multiple levels of firewalls and security virtually eliminate any breach from non-authorized users. These facilities have redundant power sources and multiple avenues of internet accessibility.

Increased internet speed and reliability, combined with significant productivity and cost savings, have encouraged a trend away from local computing towards the “cloud”. “Cloud Computing” is a relatively new industry buzzword, yet DeskTop Business has been providing cloud -based LAWS/Pro to a satisfied customer base for more than 8 years.

For those not 100% satisfied with your current time and billing situation, take a look at LAWS/Pro. Click the link to review the site, review the demonstrations, sign up for a free trial, and start saving today.

Peter D. Konetchy is President of DeskTop Business Solutions. DTBusiness has been in business for over 30 years offering time, billing, and accounting software to the legal profession. In 2001 DTBusiness introduced their 100% Internet-based LAWS/Pro application which includes calendar, time, billing, accounts receivable, general ledger and a document repository. We at are pleased to add DeskTop Business Solutions as a sponsor of our website.