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15 Thoughts for Law Students: A Mini-Manifesto

  • 1. Law school is a trade school.
  • 2. Want to piss off your professors?
  • 3. Being good at writing makes you a good law student.
  • 4. You can learn more about client service by working at Starbucks for three weeks than you can by going to law school for three years.
  • 5. Law school doesn't teach you to think like a lawyer.
  • 6. You can get through law school without understanding anything about what it is like to be a lawyer.
  • 7. The people who will help you the most in your legal career are sitting next to you in class.
  • 8. Your reputation as a lawyer begins now.
  • 9. Law is a precedent-based profession.
  • 10. Experienced lawyers work with clients.
  • 11. You are about to enter a world where getting your work done in half the time as your peers doesn't get you rewarded.
  • 12. Except for prosecutors and public defenders, nobody tries cases anymore.
  • 13. You have a choice: You can help people and make a decent living, or you can help corporations and make a killing.
  • 14. There are plenty of things you don't know, and even more things you'll never know.
  • 15. People don't tell lawyer jokes just because they think they are funny.

i see the future, and the future is grim

Oh dear God, I think I know what life as an associate at a law firm will be like. I do nothing but work. I work in front of the TV, watching the TWO shows I still insist on watching, I work on the bus to and from school, I even work (mentally) while I walk to and from the bus stop. I send email from my Blackberry while I wait for the bus. The only time I really stop working is when I sleep, shower, and eat. No, wait, I work while I eat, too.

First comment from my professor on my open memo

The most obvious thing that was wrong with my open memo was in the first comment from my professor:

I'm not sure why your whole memo was written with one and one-half spaces between the lines and not double spaced. I did reformat it and found it was still within the page limit. Just make sure next time that it is double spaced.