Law Student Files Claim and Sues Sony For Damage to his PC

From Boing Boing:

Mark Lyon, the law student who runs (a clearinghouse for information about the lawsuits arising from Sony's practice of putting malicious spyware and rootkits on its music CDs) has filed a personal small claim against Sony for the damage done to his PC when he played one of the company's audio discs.

This is on the heels of a class-action settlement that Lyon is opting out of. He's included information for people who want to file their own individual small claims against Sony:

Sony Discs can kill you. Contact police immediately.So, today, I filed an individual action against Sony BMG Music Entertainment in the County Court of Hinds County, Mississippi. I sent Mr. Andrew Lack, Sony BMG's CEO, a letter almost two months ago asking for help removing their program without downloading additional software, a replacement cd, and compensation for my time and other damages. Stephanie Yu of Sony BMG answered on December 21, 2005 with the unhelpful suggestion that I download their “uninstaller”.

Watch for updates as the matter progresses. If you are also dissatisfied with the class action settlement, you are allowed to send an objection to the Court or opt out and pursue Sony BMG on your own. If, however, your problems will be solved by the settlement, and you trust Sony BMG's “uninstaller”, then you should get copies of your reciept ready so that you can file a claim form.