MySpace Is Setting Up a Spy Program: The Gracenote Block

This is big news in the social networking world and something you should be aware of if you’re a fan of website MySpace. There will be a partnership in the coming days with California startup Gracenote that aims to find out if you’re sharing copyrighted music and video and if you have any in your […]

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When Google bought YouTube, the conventional wisdom – expressed in op-eds, newspaper articles, and scary editorial cartoons – was that they’d also bought themselves a whole heap of copyright trouble. The New York Times used the phrase “litigation-laden landmine.” Part-time copyright theorist Mark Cuban warned that YouTube would face the same copyright fate as Napster. […]

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The 3 Types of Patents: Utility, Design, & Plant Patents

As a general rule, patents are associated with things and processes which are vital to the world the only exception though are innovative designs. Patents also allow the creator of some inventions to preclude others from making use of it commercially without the permission of the creator. It is possible to acquire patent on technologies […]

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Young Law Students Getting Old Schooled

Addressing those gathered last week for the christening of a new office wing for St. John’s University Law School’s clinical programs, Dean Mary Daly cheered faculty members and administrators for helping move hands on education to the heart of the department’s curriculum. The $1.2 million project, which will provide students with better resources and more […]

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