Swedish Girl Named Metallica Gets Name Rejected

Metallica, “all but led a holy war against the shareware Napster, and in the process lost many fans who suddenly found their heroes appear to be among the greediest of P2P detractors,” wrote Thea Cooke back in 2003, going on:

“Why would a group who pulls in millions of dollars per year and one of the highest royalty rates in the business ($4 per album sold), be worried about a few dollars less? Certainly, as Elvis's gold-plated piano you viewed at the Country Music Hall of Fame proves, these artists aren't lacking any amount of extraneous wealth. Metallica's attitude was disheartening for those who believe sharing music can be beneficial to artists.”

Now Metallica's name is in the headlines once again, but this time it's not going after anyone. Rather, there's a problem with a little Swedish girl named, you guessed it, Metallica.

And there's another girl in Sweden with the same name.

Says The Local, Mr and Mrs Tomaro, who live in Kungälv, western Sweden, “ran into trouble when they tried to actually register the name. The tax board refused them permission on the grounds that Metallica is the name of a heavy metal band and is too closely related to the word ‘metal'.”

That Sweden already has a child named Metallica was “irrelevant,” ruled the board: “the decision to authorize the name may have stemmed from a simple oversight on their part,” says The Local.

But “I don't understanding their reasoning at all,” it has the girl's mother saying. “She's six months old and is already able to say her name. We can't just change it now.”

The, “protracted saga has meant that Tomaro has been unable to bring her daughter to visit her family in Germany,” says the post, adding because she can't get a passport without an authorized first name, Metallica is effectively tied to Sweden.

“We had to cancel trips at Christmas and Easter,” The Local has Karolina Tomaro saying. “Now we have booked a trip for the summer. Maybe we'll have to cancel that too.”

[thanks to p2pnet]