Three Steps to Fast Credit Repair Improvement Using Lexington Law

Step 1: Sign up to Lexington Law and you will receive a welcome email, as well as a call.  Your credit reports are necessary for the purposes of processing, and having credentials in other major credit bureaus will hasten the process.

Step 2: The staff will then enter your credentials into their database.  This will contain all negative items where you will choose which ones apply to you for Lexington Law to dispute.  When picking one negative item, you may also opt to choose not to dispute your particular account choice, but mostly, you want all of the items disputed.  The essence of this is that all creditor items should be investigated, no matter what excuse they may have, valid or not.

Step 3: Lexington Law will then create dispute letters on our behalf and send them to the credit bureaus, who will then investigate the dispute within 30 days.  A copy of the updated report will be sent back between 20 to 40 days.  Once a response from the bureau is received, a copy of the report is updated for our records and send the originals to Lexington Law.  Take note of the importance to forward each updated report to Lexington Law as soon as it is received for tracking purposes so they can move on to the next ones to process.

Once Lexington disputes each item, they will drop off from the database.  Having said that, credit repair should not be considered a quick fix because it depends on the situation and may take over a year to process depending on the number of negative items you have.  There are items that are tougher to remove, so patience is necessary in making sure your credit reports are cleaned up in time.  Results may vary though, but you will definitely see them go away.

When it comes to credit repair, you can certainly rely on Lexington Law. Just remember to pay your accounts on time while disputing and do not apply for new credits until your numbers improve.  Let Lexington Law do the work for you.

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