Using MySpace to Promote Your Law Practice

One of the keys to successful marketing is to find yourself a place which hasn't been saturated by lawyers. Thus far, MySpace is one of those spaces and as Kevin O'Keefe of Lex Blog reports, that's why it's been a successful marketing spot for 28 year old lawyer Anicia Ogonsky, otherwise known as legallyblondepa. In fact, since Ogonsky set up her MySpace site, she's been interviewed on the radio, been the subject of [an] article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and had ten responses to an online client intake form. What's more, at sites like MySpace, Ogonsky can market her blondeness, her youth and enthusiasm – which brand her and set her apart from what she calls “the scary lawyers in dark suits.”

MySpace won't work for everyone. But perhaps it's sufficiently out there that it will set you apart from the competition.

[thanks to egg and myshingle]