Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested and Faces Rape Charges

Julian Paul Assange, the founder of Wikileaks has been arrested for allegedly raping two women in Sweden. The native Australian claims the allegations are all motivated politically and that he is not guilty of raping the women. Assange leaked diplomatic information through his many websites and is therefore fearful that he may be extradited to the United States.

The women said that they did not have consensual sex with Assange and that he forced his attentions on them, in one instance violently. Assange was in Sweden giving a lecture when he was invited to the homes of the victims. The Court of Appeals has heard the women’s testimony and Assange is now appealing the decision of the district Judge ordering his extradition to Sweden. He is wanted for questioning in Sweden with regard to the rape allegations. One of the women claimed that Assange said he wanted to impregnate women. However, he allegedly said he preferred to impregnate virgins because he would then be assured of being the first to impregnate them.

Assange is not without his supporters who have set up barriers and carried banners in front of the British Royal Courts of Justice. They were asking for Assange to be freed. Assange is currently being held under house arrest at the Ellingham Hall in Bungay, Norfolk, UK.

Another woman that had consensual sex with Assange asked what they would do if she got pregnant. He allegedly told her that Sweden was a great place to raise kids. She also claimed she was railroaded into telling the police about the attack. All she wanted was for Assange to be tested for possible sexually transmitted diseases.

Representing Assange is QC Ben Emmerson who states that there was consensual sex between Assange and one of the women. The woman claimed to have been attracted to him when she saw him appear on television. She said that when she was only partially awake she had consensual sex with him.

Prosecutors in Sweden also charge that even if Assange had consensual sex, since he allegedly didn't wear a condom, this is against Swedish law. If you have consensual sex in Sweden without a condom, it is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape.

The other woman said sex with Assange was definitely not consensual, and that he treated her violently; he had broken her necklace, tore off all her clothing, and then held her down in such a way so that she was not able to move away from him.

The names of both women were withheld by the Court. Judgment was reserved in this case by Lord Justice Thomas and Mr. Justice Ouseley. A warrant for Assange’s arrest was issued in August of 2010, and he has steadily claimed he did nothing wrong. When the prosecutor said there was no evidence of rape, Assange left the country some eight days later. However, there was another European warrant issued for his arrest on September 1, 2010.

Assange continues to assert that the claims against him are motivated politically in order to eventually extradite him to the United States to stand trial for his Wikileaks actions as the United States government was shocked at the mass leads of diplomatic information.